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McLean County ND
Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan - 2022
Unincorporated McLean County, the Cities of Benedict, Butte, Coleharbor, Garrison, Max, Mercer, Riverdale, Ruso, Turtle Lake, Underwood, Washburn, and Wilton
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The adoption hearing for the McLean County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th.

All of the cities in McLean County have adopted the McLean County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The McLean County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan has been approved by the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services. The next step is adoption by the cities and the county.

The McLean County Commissioners have submitted the draft McLean County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan to the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services for review before adoption.

Community survey results are available here.

  • 11/9/2022

  • 11/8/2022

  • 8/9/2022

  • 6/9/2022

  • 5/9/2022

Putting a plan in place

County multi-hazard mitigation plan updated

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